Google reveals new set of Android One manufacturers as program launches in India


Google announced a new set of manufacturers that will make Android One phones, as the low-cost, consistency-focused handsets went on sale in India.

Android One is a program that helps manufacturers make cheap phones that run on the latest version of stock Android — [company]Google[/company] sets minimum hardware specifications, such as a 4.5-inch screen and five-megapixel camera, and it sources components to lower manufacturing costs. The result is that the new phones can run Android 4.4 and the upcoming Android L and still come in at around $100, whereas many cheap Android handsets already on the market run ancient versions of the mobile operating system.

The Android One handsets that went on sale on Monday include the [company]Micromax[/company] Canvas A1, the [company]Spice[/company] Dream Uno and the [company]Karbonn[/company] Sparkle V, all of which cost $105 and are being sold through various online stores. According to reports from the Economic Times of…

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