Considering C

The Waiting

Now more than ever, I find myself questioning many of the things that I thought I knew about myself. Going back to work has been a catalyst for self-examination and recalibration, and while I love channeling my energy into work and professional endeavors and figuring out who Emily the Mom/Employee is, nearly every day I miss those not-too-far-away days that I spent all my time with C. Those days were hard, but they required far less of a balancing act than my life does now. I’m not a natural multitasker and prefer to throw myself 100% into one activity.

And, you know, parenting is *really* good for when you want to give yourself over to one all-encompassing chore.

That and watching cartoons. Not gonna lie, I miss watching Peep and the Big Wide World so much.

My role in life is changing. Nothing makes me feel more like a grownup than…

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